What we do

  • Sports & Development Activities

Salaam Baalak Trust – Mumbai provides a holistic safety net of services to cater to the individual needs of street children, covering the entire area of child development from physical and medical needs and encompassing the educational, creative, cognitive, social and vocational needs of children

  • Education: formal education in schools along with non-formal education at the centers
  • Creative and recreational programs in art, drama therapy, judo, football, music, dance
  • Information dissemination via professionals, camps and workshops
  • Nutrition and medical care with health check-ups, vaccinations and treatment, mental health
  • Counseling services
  • De-addiction services in conjunction with other organizations
  • Income generation skills in screen printing, handicrafts such as making candles, paper bags, photo-frames and other items are taught and exhibited.
  • Rehabilitation and mainstreaming the youth.


At present, the trust is so well established with its five centers across  Mumbai that the children themselves approach us for help. Not a week goes by without a few children arriving at our doorstep on their own or in the company of an adult, requesting assistance in some form.