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Jawahar Bal Bhavan Centre

Chowpatty Beach is known to the people of the street in Mumbai as it is an area where one can find, food, work and a variety of illegal activity including drugs, gambling and prostitution. Our location at Charni Road serves as a day resource center where we can combat the negative effects of Chowpatty Beach and encourage and motivate the children.

At the day center, kids come for food, change into school uniforms to attend school, get help with schoolwork, do Yoga, play sports, learn English and much more. There is also a non-formal education program developed to help those kids that cannot, for a variety of reasons, attend a formal school. The curriculum is designed to teach these children to read and write in Hindi, learn basic Math and some English with just a few hours of participation during the week.

Balwadi facilities are available for mothers/siblings who want to leave their children in a safe environment while they work on the street.

Older children are encouraged to start on vocational training courses and references are given for job applications.

Andheri Shelter

This centre located in the Kondivita Village in Andheri East,is a brand new shelter run by the Salaam Baalak Trust in c/o the BMC Welfare Centre

Kalyan Boys Shelter

The Night Shelter for boys was started in June 2007 and provides both long term and short term shelter to children in need of a safe space. Many times children may be referred to us for just a few days while their parents and homes are located.

Many referrals are because of illnesses like HIV, lost and orphaned children. Some children tired of trying to survive alone on the street may seek night shelter services once they have learned to trust us.

The center has recently become oriented to younger children who can gain from the discipline and the opportunity of an environment where they are encouraged in school and can pursue their studies in a conducive environment.