Art Fest At Salaam Baalak Trust Mumbai.

Creativity & Art Skills are there in all kids..
They just need to be nurtured & discovered.

These beautiful paintings were made by our Children at Salaam Baalak, under the supervision of an Art Teacher.

They were so pretty that several people asked to contribute for them & almost all got taken immediately. The entire proceeds go for the welfare of our Trust’s children.

Their donation serves to encourage more kids to paint, so we send a Big Thanks to:
-Sharlene Batlivala
-Mukta Sharma
-Shibani Kamdar
-Rupashree Dandekar Sapru
-Khadija Hansia
-Simone Assomull.

Coming from the Heart, whatever it may be…
But it is Art, that will eventually set them Free.

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